Limited Edition Alfa Romeo Brera S 3.2

Alfa Romeo Brera S 3.2

A recent car project between Alfa Romeo UK and Prodrive, the limited edition Brera S 3.2 that features many upgrades the most significant being a weight loss of 100 kg (220 pounds). They suggest the use of front-wheel drive rather than the standard Brera V6's Q4 all-wheel drive system and a sportier suspension. Autodelta's proposal completes the overall package by adding a supercharger to the mix as well as further improving handling. The addition of Autodelta's supercharging kit with an intercooler boosts the 3.2-liter V6 engine's output from 260 bhp and 322 Nm to a more potent 352-horsepower and 435 Nm (320.8 lb-ft) of torque. No performance figures have been released yet for the Brera S 3.2 Compressore.

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