French Actor Karl E. Landler in New Peugeot BB1 Concept Car Commercial

The video below is about the new Peugeot's innovative new concept, the BB1 at The Hospital Club in London that was seen last year.

Peugeot has created a totally excellent solution to current and future needs of urban mobility. The BB1 concept is the first ever full electric vehicle that can seat up to four adults in a space of just 2.5m. This compact vehicle is a fusion between car and scooter, while offering passengers a safer, comfortable and weatherproof environment. Other advantages of this ground-breaking concept are that it has zero emissions, easy to park and has a range of 75 miles, making it a perfect choice for city center transport.

More story at Peugeot Unveils Its Innovative New Concept Car: The BB1 - Mobility For The Future

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