Usher Buys Justin Bieber A Car?

Is this for real? Justin Bieber might be a teen heartthrob, the popular singer of the song "Baby" (see the above music video) and be the man of the moment on the pop scene, but things got even better for the teen after Usher bought him a brand new Range Rover car!?? Bieber turned 16 earlier this month and marked the occasion by having a huge party with all his friends in Los Angeles, but his Sweet Sixteenth was marked by his mentor Usher when the Yeah! hitmaker unveiled a brand new Range Rover for the teen.

"I haven't really bought anything; I haven't really went out and bought a bunch of stuff," Bieber told JSYK. "I bought myself a laptop, but that's pretty much it. My biggest thing I'm probably going to get is my car next year. Probably a Maserati or the new Range Rover." When the Canadian pop singer recently dropped by the British TV show Live From Studio Five, he revealed that Usher hooked him up with a brand-new Range Rover for his sweet 16. "I was in L.A (for my birthday)," he said. "I went to L.A. first and I had a party out there for all my friends and stuff and then we went to Toronto and had a family party up there. (Usher) helped buy me a car. He bought me a Range Rover. I can drive."

More information at Justin Bieber Scores New Wheels, Thanks to Usher

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