Top Five Auto Products to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

As the cost of gas rises, consumers are searching for ways to lower the costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle. The secret may lie in the one place car owners fail to look, auto insurance. Insurance companies offer discounts based on eligibility and reduced rates for safe drivers. Consider these top five auto product suggestions, proven to save money on car insurance by reducing crashes and other problems that generate insurance claims.

Rearview Cameras

Rearview cameras greatly reduce the likelihood of a backing crash. With fewer accidents on your record, you'll see a big reduction when your insurance premiums are calculated. The cameras are a relatively inexpensive safety feature and easily installed. Features to consider is the whether the camera has night vision capability, angle measurements and if the camera initiates when the car shifts into reverse. Prices of rearview cameras vary from $100-$400, depending on the style and feature chosen.

Sleep Alert System

Nearly every driver across the world has experienced driver fatigue. In extreme cases of fatigue, drivers drift off to sleep and eventually into other lanes. Insurance companies have paid their fair share of claims because a driver fell asleep at the wheel. Installing an alert system will prevent your premiums from skyrocketing and protect you from injury in a fatigue-related crash. The sleep alert system establishes your level of alertness by administering tests for reaction periodically. Cost for a sleep alert system hovers around $250.

Driver Alert System

Driver alert systems are available for any model car. Driver assistance systems alert drivers when lanes are crossed without a signal. They forewarn drivers of potential hazards that lie ahead and unsafe following distances. The systems require professional installation and costs begin around $600. Although the initial investment may be high, reducing the likelihood of an at-fault accident could save you thousands in insurance premiums over several years.

Theft Deterrents

Visible and audible security devices protect your car from thieves and from excessive insurance premiums. Insurance companies offer discounts to consumers when their car is a low risk for an auto theft generated claim. Theft deterrents include warning, tracking and immobilization devices as well as audible alarms. Simply having one of these devices in your vehicle can generate an instant premium discount for you.

Warning devices could be as simple as strategically placed decals, warning potential thieves of a theft deterrent system. Other warning devices include brake pedal, tire and steering wheel locks. On board GPS systems for tracking a stolen car is also a valuable deterrent. Devices that immobilize a car are some of the best methods of prevention. Kill switches, required wireless authentication, fuse disconnects and smart keys are just a few immobilization devices.

Hands Free Devices

One of the number one ways to save money on your insurance premiums and drive safer is to invest in a hands free device. Bluetooth devices allow the driver to change the controls in the car without removing the hands from the steering wheel. This reduces the likelihood of a crash from the distractions of holding a phone in one hand and trying to drive with the other.

Jessica Bosari is an insurance professional who writes for The site educates consumers so that they can compare insurance quotes and make informed insurance purchase decisions.


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