Bushwacker Leads the Way in Practicality and Pimping

As you will already know, ‘pimping your ride’ is big business. Lots of people just want to make their vehicle stand out a little from similar cars on the road, but for some it’s more of a practical thing. Bushwacker is considered by many to be ‘the’ US body gear company for pick-up trucks and SUV’s, having been in business for over forty years, with their products serving both practical and aesthetic functions. The company is probably best known for its fender flares, but provides other protective add-ons as well.

Affordable, Durable and Stylish

Personalizing your vehicle is affordable, but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. You want quality, but naturally you want affordable quality. You’re happy to pay a fair price, but you want to know that the products you’re buying are going to last. If you’ve been tucking your money away into a savings account where you get the best savings rates , just so that you could get exactly what you really want, there’s no point in compromising at the last minute. Bushwacker pride themselves on all their products being made in the US, and offer substantial guarantees with regard to the durability of their products, which are made from Duraflex ABS plastic. This is a thermoplastic which is exclusive to the company and which has both high impact and low temperature properties, and is flexible yet retains its form. The company also has a strong reputation for its strength in design, not only for the look of the products themselves, but also for innovation in their commitment to ease of installation.

Fender Flares

Fender Flares are intended not only to look good but also to give greater wheel protection from mud and stones. Bushwacker offers factory look ‘OE’ style and a street style version, that are both suitable for stock wheel and tyre packages, whilst their Extend-a, Pocket and Cut-out styles are particularly useful on models that can accommodate wider wheel and tyre alternatives, giving a wide range of options according to your vehicle type. The company provides all the hardware and instructions needed to fit their fender flares, and so most competent enthusiasts should be able to handle the installation process on their own.

Protection made easy

Bushwacker also produces bed rail and tailgate caps for your pickup. Fitted around the vulnerable edges of the business end of your pick-up, they are designed to prevent the dings, scrapes and chips that almost inevitably occur from loading and unloading, but can of course also be used to disguise any unsightly indications of wear and tear that are already there. Offered for different vehicle types in factory look ‘OE’ style, diamond black and smooth finishes, the caps require no drilling to attach them. Instead Bushwacker has developed a screw-fix mounting system, which means you need nothing more complicated than a screwdriver to fix them in place. That makes them only slightly more time consuming to install than the bumper protectors that Bushwacker has now developed, and which are fitted using nothing more than lifetime adhesive. Unfortunately, the protectors are currently only available for most Toyota and Scion vehicle types.

The company’s mission to innovate has continued with the introduction of trail armor for the Jeep Wrangler. Kit is available for both the 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, and the 07-12 Jeep Wrangler JK. Items included in the range include front and rear corners, tailgate and hood protectors, rocker panels and door sill plates, hood stone guards and front accent pieces, and air scoops, although not all are available on both models. The kit designed for the Wrangler JK won Bushwacker a SEMA award for Best New Exterior Accessory in 2009.

Staying Ahead of the competition

With their long history, Bushwacker are generally able to meet the needs of customers over a wide range of vehicle makes, not only for newer models but older ones as well. At the leading edge in their business, Bushwacker have done much to promote not only their innovative designs but also their commitment to manufacturing in the US. They have also won praise for their efforts to improve the environmental reputation of the industry, primarily through the recycling of materials, and in particular regrinding and re-using waste plastics from their manufacturing process. However, despite their strengths Bushwacker will continue to face stiff competition from other manufacturers such as Prestige and Bestops in this specialist market place, as well as the on-going threat from foreign imports.

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