The 2012 Tesla S

Tesla has by now made three “alpha build” Model S cars and all of them were assembled at the company’s head office in Palo Alto, sunny California. The bodies of the car were made by a dealer located at Michigan. The company will test these cars to learn the good and bad parts of the subsystems and components. Hopefully, in the near future Tesla Motors will enter the “beta builds” stage by production the cars at its factory located in Fremont, California. The cars that will roll out of the factory will be most likely used for federal crash-testing and documentation as well as for various additional tests and system inclusion.

The Tesla S will feature an aluminum body and the company targets a curb weight of about 4,000 pounds, alike to the Audi A8, another all-aluminum model that is considered to be a benchmark for Tesla’s car. Another promise made by the company regards the fact that the S will have the “best in class” aerodynamics from a body designed internally with the aid of Franz Von Holzhausen, the guy responsible for the beautiful Pontiac Solstice and for the bold Mazda Furai concept car. In addition, the aerodynamics of the car will be further tested by Robert Palin (ex Williams F1 driver) and Shaun Johnson (ex Ferrari driver).

The officials at the company promised some time ago that the S will be able to offer a range of up to 300 miles. In addition, they said that the car will feature all the extravagance of a BMW 7-series and space for seven passengers. Speaking of the interior cabin, I in fact doubt that seven people will fit in the car, perhaps five adults and two midgets. Moving on, the company acknowledged $465 million from the United States Department of Energy for building the S model.

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