Bugatti’s Future sedan on Audi A8 Platform

The famous record-breaking Veyron supercar is about to crunch into the hand that feeds them by ending its production. But Bugatti plans on spending their moment building superfluous sedans. This New Bugatti luxury sedan (picture above) is anticipated to debut sometime in 2014, but not much information is acknowledged about the model. Thanks to the German publication, Spiegel, who have some just more informations/details to share.

Audi and Porsche are in charge for all the luxury models in the Volkswagen Group, the future Bugatti sedan will end up being built on the same platform as the Audi A8. Being a Bugatti copy, it will be restricted to only 300 units and will carry a price tag like to the Veyron, meaning that only few people will have the chance to actually drive one. The sedan model will feature design elements from the Bugatti’s latest concept, the 16 C Galibier. The 16 C concept features the traditional Bugatti radiator complimented by big round LED lit headlamps and the clamshell running the length of the vehicle, which became synonymous with the brand identity under Jean Bugatti in the Type 57.

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